Friday, January 24, 2014

Treatment #5 and a friend in need

Today I had my 5th treatment. As with all of the other Irenotecan side effects, I did sweat quite a bit. But they added atropine to my mix to dull some of those side effects. It has cut down on some of the sweating and possibly the cramping but I think the adavan has done more for the cramps. My confusion seems to be greatly reduced as well, but the abdominal swelling is still there and should be for the next couple of days. The good news is that I haven't sweat enough to go through an entire set of clothes yet. :)

I feel pretty good today, with just tiny bouts of confusion and discomfort. I'm hoping that we can keep this rolling through the weekend. Of course, only time will tell. The big test will be tomorrow when my 2nd chemo day hits. I'm hoping and praying that my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are better than last chemo weekend follow on. Last time I was so sapped of energy that I couldn't do much and ended up losing 5 pounds in just those 3 days. This time I'm going to try exercise and activity to combat that malaise. 

But enough about me. I'd like all of my prayer warriors to take some of the positive prayer and energy that you are sending me and divert it to my friend and neighbor Chuck. On Monday of this week he was warming his car up in his driveway early in the morning (just like I do btw...) and someone decided that they were going to take it. Chuck was in the garage when they moved in and as he tried to stop them, they ran over him.  He has had multiple surgeries for a collapsed lung, 10 broken ribs and a broken leg/ankle.  The police said that a smaller man would have been killed.  Chuck is still in the hospital and needs healing prayer.  The police have found his car but have no leads on the suspects yet. Hopefully they will brought to justice soon.

This has brought yet another new set of experiences to our lives.  Fear and anger.  This happened Monday morning 50 feet from my front door.  I was getting ready work at the time and heard a noise outside but was being sick in the sink at the time so I couldn't think much of it.  I'm angry that there is evil in the world that would do this to a good man.  I'm angry that I was too sick to know what was going on and be able to render proper aid.  And fearful that this happened in a very quiet, close and seemingly safe neighborhood.

I pray this evening for a quick recovery for my friend and neighbor.  I also pray that those who do this kind of thing have a change of heart and choose kindness and compassion over ill will and selfishness.  It should also be said that they need to answer for their crimes and be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Be kind to your brothers and sisters in this world.  And I mean really be kind to all of them.  Don't be selective because of what they've done or who they are or how they choose to live their lives.  Every human being on this planet is deserving of your compassion and consideration.  If everyone took a moment to understand that, this world would be such a better place.

I love you all


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