Monday, January 27, 2014

Jake The Shake

An interesting thing has happened with this latest round of treatment.  I'm gettin' all shook up!

It all started on Saturday morning.  I hadn't had breakfast yet and I was feeling my usual weak and unstable self prior to eating.  But what happened next was completely unexpected.  I started to shake.  Just tremors from time to time as I tried to cook my nitrate free bacon to go with some yummy scrambled eggs and cheese (I have to eat like this remember?).  By the time the bacon was done (the entire package) I was having trouble getting the bacon out of the pan and on to the paper towel adorned holding plate.  I thought this was, of course, due to not eating anything yet. 

So I started on the eggs.  In my haste to make something edible I completely forgot about the Boursin that I was going to add to the eggs and begrudgingly put some shredded colby jack on at the end instead.  Good, but not great.  Anywho...If you thought it was funny watching me transfer bacon from the pan to a plate, the same movement with eggs was even more pronounced.  "So", I thought..."Better get some of this in my stomach."

By the time I got to the table, my shaking was so exaggerated that my daughter asked if I was OK.  After assuring her that I just needed to eat something, I tried to dig in.  For the most part it worked and I only had a couple of dropped bites, but it didn't calm down.  So I decided to lay down for a bit.  Once I laid down on the couch it abated after a while.  I chalked it up to an anomaly...until it happened again the next day. 

Sunday wasn't so bad and it happened later in the day after I had eaten, so I can rule out being hungry.  Today (Monday) was the first day that I didn't shake noticeably...but I slept through half of it, so we'll see how tomorrow works out.  I'm working from home to monitor the shakes and will hopefully return to the office on Wed.  I know that this is a lofty goal, but I want to push myself...within reason.  It was the same goal that I had two weeks ago...and all of you know how that worked out.  I ended up not even being able to work from home.  So cross your fingers!

Regardless of the cause for my shakes, the experience really got me to thinking.  All of those people with Parkinson's or other malady that makes them shake uncontrollably have my utmost respect for what they are going through.  It is such a disconcerting feeling to not have any control over a certain part of your body.  In this case it was just my hands and arms, but I can only imagine the struggle that someone whose entire body is impacted goes through on a daily basis. 

Oh yes...I am in fact starting to lose my hair.  Thankfully, my hair is so short and I have a hair line that doesn't bode well for the future it's not noticeable at all (unless you take a shower with me...but I don't see any lines forming for that ride anytime soon...unless I go completely bald.  Let's face it, bald men are sexy.)  Right now the loss seems to be confined to the hair on my head and I'm hoping that it stays that way.  I like my beard.

Today I'm sharing my favorite moments of the day instead of offering a positive tidbit...

Earlier in the evening I managed to wake up for just long enough to play UNO with my girls.  That was my favorite part of the day...until just a little while ago when I was brushing Myah's hair.  I almost always brush Myah's hair, but it has become less common of an occurrence since I've been sick.  Tonight was an exception though.  As I combed through my daughter's golden locks (with quite a bit of spray-in detangler), she told me how much she missed me brushing her hair.  If that didn't choke you up, here's what happened next...After I told her I was done and gave her a hug goodnight, she asked if I could brush her hair just a little more.  She said that it felt good when I brushed it and she wanted some more time with me.  THAT was my favorite part of the day...probably of the week.  I love my girls so much. 

Dads...go brush your daughters' hair.  It's worth it, I promise.  :)


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  1. Jake, I have to commend you on your courage and determination during this difficult time in your life. I can't imagine what you are going through, but the fact that you are keeping it together with your wit and maintaining an overall positive outlook is an inspiration to all who love you.