Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Have The Power!!!

I was notified that the model of port that I had placed this morning is the "Power Port".  I was immediately reminded of my childhood when I would hold up a stick and yell out to the heavens, "I Have The Power!"  My friend Erin told me today.  It's like I'm weaponizing my body.  I like that imagery. 

I don't feel wonderful right now and I'm sure that I'll feel even worse in the coming days, but it doesn't matter.  Now I'm doing something.  Something tangible and real.  I'm not just sitting here managing pain and waiting for this thing to kill me.  And that makes all of this worth while. 

And just so no one gets queasy, that red line on my side is sharpie.  That is my liver biopsy site.  Why a liver biopsy you ask?  (Don't worry I asked too.)  We have to determine if the cancer in my liver is indeed the same cancer as the alien in my colon.  There is an incredibly rare chance that I would be fighting two different types of cancer.  And while that is almost out of the question, it is something that we have to consider in order to treat it effectively.

Tomorrow we get up bright and early and head to the UNM Cancer Center for the first round of chemo.  Biweekly rounds of poison with regimen names like FOLFOX and FOLFIRI.  Nasty little cocktails that are designed to kill off anything standing that resembles colon cancer.  Sure I'll be killing off little bits of myself along with it, but that's the reality of this situation.  And if it keeps me alive longer, I'm in for just about anything.

Since I'm expecting another post in the next two days, I'll keep this one short.  I just wanted to send a quick status update and give a picture to those guys like my friend Ryan who just have to see the surgery stuff. 

Find your source of strength today.



  1. The betadyne almost makes it look like a shield on your chest :)

  2. I'm glad to hear things went well today. Keep on keepin on! You've got this!

  3. You look like a bionic badass!

  4. Does the port tie into an artery? I'm curious how that thing works?

    1. Kevin, the port is connected to a CVC which is a catheter that goes into my jugular and down to my heart. When they put it in, they sent a guide wire down the hole in my jugular and through my heart to anchor it. They they used the guide wire to place the catheter. The creepy thing was that I could hear them removing the wire after they were done. Spooky. It's all self contained under the skin so there is very little maintenance beyond removing access once my treatments are over each time.