Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Angels Among Us

If there is one thing that this experience has driven home in overwhelming and exhilarating fashion, one thing that I've become so keenly aware of, it is that angels do sit among us. Yes, I always knew this...metaphorically. I know so many amazing people and the world is filled with so many more that I'll never have the joy of building a relationship with. So yes, if you asked me last month if there were angels among us, I would have many examples of angel-like people to list and give you examples of their angel-likeness. In fact there are so many of my friends and family that I would label angels right now, that I would quickly run out of juice in my label maker (I didn't opt for the AC adapter 'cause like really...who needs a label maker to last more than 10 minutes right?).

Yesterday was different though. Yesterday an actual angel appeared in my life. I have known this person for decades and truly would have labeled them an angel before this month, but what happened yesterday let me see their ability to create magic.  I will never look at them the same again. Whenever I see them from this point on it will be with wings.  I'm not going to mention names. This person knows what they did and who they are. The results of their actions have the possibility of completely altering the course of this journey in a very real and positive way.

This should really be a lesson to us all.  We never know when an action on our part will turn into something magical.  If we waited to act until we knew it would be magic, we would literally never do anything.  In this case, what was considered to be something fairly inconsequential by the one acting on a need to help, turned into one of the biggest rays of light and hope on this journey so far.

So go out and do something for someone else today.  Something that you may not have done in the past because it seemed too small to be effective, or you didn't have enough time to do something bigger and better, or you were afraid of how it might be perceived. 

Bring a little magic to the world. 

Show someone your wings. 


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  1. Thanks for taking the time and thought to write. It's wonderful reading. The nurse in me likes it, too. Jake, like I told Tami on Words with Friends, (my guilty pleasure,) I'm thinking it's going to be treatment and GONE! To hell with 1, 5 or 20, more like multiples of 20!